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File a bug and attach a zip file with an action list and example...
(by stani 13 Apr 2011 12:15, posts: 2)
I am trying to convert to Linux as much as possible, and I am excited about using Phatch in my...
(by Edwardr 11 Apr 2011 21:23, posts: 2)
can I test the program? I can't get it to go either.
(by rod8 06 Apr 2011 16:11, posts: 4)
When I try to save a file whit a number appended, (for example: image2.jpg), I get the error:...
(by xabilo 26 Mar 2011 21:30, posts: 1)
I convert ICO files to PNG and choose "Color to Alpha" to make black color transparent...
(by Nitisara 19 Mar 2011 05:54, posts: 1)

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