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Download the deb installer from the Phatch homepage. (Look for the Free Download link.) Open it with Gdebi by double clicking it. Ubuntu/Debian will take care of all the requirements.


You can find more detailed instructions here.

You can install two optional, but recommended packages:

  • To save EXIF and IPTC data: install python-pyexiv2 (hardy, but also works on gutsy)
  • For cool nautilus integration: install python-nautilus (sudo apt-get install python-nautilus).



The package can be found on AUR here.

pacman -U phatch-VERSION-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz

Or simple use yaourt
yaourt -S phatch



Just use yum :

# yum install phatch

To install the nautilus extension, also use yum :
# yum install nautilus-phatch



Click here.




In case Phatch is not available for your Linux distribution, ask the package team to package it. Installing it yourself is also very easy as there is no need to compile anything, since Phatch is 100% python.

Install first the required dependencies:

The other dependencies are optional.

If you want to be able to save EXIF & IPTC metadata.

If you use nautilus (gnome file browser), install as well:

  • python-nautilus


There are two methods:

1) Install as root
Fetch the tar.gz source package from the phatch homepage. Unzip the downloaded file and install Phatch as root (!) with:

python install

Afterwards you should be able to run phatch by typing "phatch" at the command prompt.

2) Run as user
In case you have not root access or don't want to install, but just run Phatch, you can also extract the tar.gz source package. Afterwards you can start Phatch in trunk/phatch with:





For your convenience we provide zip files which bundle all dependencies. Be warned that these are big files as optional dependencies (blender, inkscape, imagemagick, …) are included as well. We recommend to install:

There is a README.txt included with more instructions.

For alternative configurations we also provide:

If you use one of these bundles, you can proceed to the next step Installation.

If you don't want these bundles for any reason then here are instructions for installing all dependencies manually. First install Python 2.5 (installer). Only if the installation of Python is succesful, please proceed to install wxPython (2.8 installer or 2.6), Python Imaging Library (1.1.6 installer or 1.1.5) and the Python Win32 Extensions (installer). If you want EXIF and IPTC support you'll need to install pyexiv2 which can download here for python 2.5. In this pyexiv2 zip file, you will find ReadMe.txt with installation instructions. You also need a tool like the free 7zip for unzipping the phatch-*tar.gz archive. You can just download all these dependencies by clicking on the installer links.

Unless you are using already python 2.6, we strongly recommend to use Python 2.5 for less experienced users due to problems with pyexiv2. In case you want to build pyexiv2 from source, Phatch is compatible with python 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6, but not with python 3!


Do not run "python install", as this is only supported for linux! Fetch the tar.gz source package from the phatch download page. Unzip the downloaded file. The package contains a directory called "phatch-0.1.6" and within that directory are several files and subdirectories. Again, do not use "" as that is intended for linux.

If you've installed Python correctly, you should be able to just navigate to the phatch subdirectory and double click on "" or put a shortcut on your desktop (or wherever).

You can also start Phatch from the trunk/phatch folder in a console (cmd.exe) with:


Adapt the path to pythonw.exe to your python installation.

Mac Os X


Do not run "python install", as this is only supported for linux! Same procedure as Windows (including pyexiv2, but of course without the Python Win32 Extensions), with the exception that you need start Phatch with:


I have tested and run Phatch on Mac Os X. Someone else did as well.

Development snapshots


Install bazaar and all other requirements. For Ubuntu/Debian this would be:

sudo apt-get install bzr python-wxgtk2.8 python-imaging


Get the Phatch branch from launchpad:

bzr branch lp:phatch

To start Phatch, just double-click in the dev/phatch folder, or:

cd dev/phatch
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