• Actions: resize, rotate, invert, flip, watermark, shadow, rounded corners and much more!
  • Drag & drop of actions
  • Enable & disable actions
  • Can copy folder hierarchies
  • Python shell
  • Error logging
  • File history
  • Console (can run on servers without gui)
  • Desktop droplets
  • Image Inspector (exif & iptc)
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows & Mac)
  • python-api

File formats

Phatch supports the same file formats as PIL…

  • Read & write: 'bmp','dib','gif','jpe','jpeg','jpg','im','msp', 'pcx','png','pbm','pgm','ppm','tif','tiff','xbm'
  • Read only: 'cur','dcx','fli','flc','fpx', 'gbr','gd','ico','imt','mic','mcidas','pcd', 'psd','bw','rgb','cmyk','sun','tga','xpm'
  • Write only: 'eps','ps','pdf'

Color support

Phatch supports these color modes:

  • Monochrome (1-bit pixels, black and white)
  • Grayscale (8-bit pixels, black and white)
  • RGB (3x8-bit pixels, true colour)
  • RGBA (4x8-bit pixels, RGB with transparency mask)
  • CMYK (4x8-bit pixels, colour separation)
  • P (8-bit pixels, mapped using a colour palette)
  • YCbCr (3x8-bit pixels, colour video format)
  • I (32-bit integer pixels)
  • F (32-bit floating point pixels)


Phatch was developed with the SPE editor (http://pythonide.stani.be) on Ubuntu (GNU/Linux), but should run fine as well on Windows and Mac Os X. If you are a python developer you can write easily, your own plugins with PIL (Python Image Library).

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