Actions Overview


  • Auto Contrast - Maximize image contrast
  • Background - Put colour under transparent image
  • Border - Variable border to the inside or outside
  • Brightness - Adjust brightness from black to white
  • Canvas - Crop the image or enlarge canvas without resizing the image
  • Color To Alpha - Make a background with fixed color transparent
  • Colorize - Colorize grayscale image
  • Common - Copies the most common pixel value
  • Contour - Draw a contour around image edges
  • Contrast - Adjust from grey to black & white
  • Convert Mode - Convert the color mode of an image (grayscale, RGB, RGBA or CMYK)
  • Copy - Copy image file
  • Crop - Crop the image
  • Delete Tags - Delete Exif or Iptc Tags
  • Desaturate - Fade all colors to grey
  • Effect - Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Smooth, …
  • Equalize - Equalize the image histogram
  • Fit - Downsize and crop image with fixed ratio
  • Geek - Execute external command
  • Geotag - Geotag an image file
  • Grayscale - Fade all colours to gray
  • Highlight - Add a highlight effect
  • Imagemagick - Blur, Polaroid, Shadow, Unsharp…
  • Invert - Invert the colors of the image (negative)
  • Lossless JPEG - Rotate, flip, grayscale and crop
  • Maximum - Copies the maximum pixel value
  • Mask - Apply a transparency mask
  • Median - Copies the median pixel value
  • Minimum - Copies the minimum pixel value
  • Mirror - Symmetrical tile texture
  • Offset - Offset by distance and wrap around
  • Perspective - Shear 2d or 3d
  • Posterize - Reduce the number of bits of colour channel
  • Rank - Copies the rank'th pixel value
  • Reflect - Drops a reflection
  • Rename - Rename image file
  • Rename Tag - Rename an Exif or Iptc Tag
  • Rotate - Rotate with random angle
  • Round - Round or crossed corners with variable radius and corners
  • Saturation - Adjust saturation from grayscale to high
  • Save - Save an image with variable compression in different types
  • Save Tags - Save only metadata (lossless)
  • Scale - Scale an image with different resample filters.
  • Shadow - Drop a blurred shadow under a photo with variable position, blur and color
  • Sketch - Transform to a grayscale pencil drawing.
  • Solarize - Invert all pixel values above threshold
  • Tamogen - Tone altering mosaic generator
  • Text - Write text at a given position
  • Time Shift - Shift Exif time
  • Transpose - Flip or rotate an image by 90 degrees
  • Watermark - Apply a watermark image with variable placement (offset, scaling, tiling) and opacity
  • Write Tag - Write a new value to a metadata tag (exif & iptc)

Do NOT forget to add a Save in the end of your action list!! If you want to save only metadata, use the Save Tags action. (Unless the list only consists of 'file' actions such as rename or copy.)

Third Party Actions

These actions are developed by the community and may be accepted in Phatch in the future.

  • Cms - Convert the image from a color space to another, using ICC profiles

Source Code

If you know Python, you can easily write actions with the documentation of Python Image Library (PIL), which is also the base for the documentation of a lot of the actions listed above. You can browse the source code of the actions in folder /phatch/actions on launchpad. Most actions have the PIL function first, followed by the action which provides it.

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