Action Watermark

(Changed in Phatch 0.2)




Mark is the image used for watermarking. Often it is a logo. Simply click on highlight and a preview dialog (new in 0.2) will appear.

Note: The Mark field can never be a text, it has to be a filename of an existing file. If you want to write a text on the images, use the text action instead.


Here you can select the method: by offset, scale or tiling.

By Offset

The method "By offset" will place the watermark only once at a certain distance from the image borders. You can give positive and negative values in the following two fields for the horizontal and vertical offset. If you give a positive offset it is taken from left, a negative for right. Same for top and bottom.


When you choose tile, the photo will be covered repeatedly with the watermark in a pattern.


With scale the watermark is stretched all over the source image.


Here you can select the opacity from 0 (completely transparent) to 100 (completely opaque).


You can also add your custom made watermarks to Phatch. To do this go to Tools -> Browse Library -> User, the user folder of Phatch will open now. Put the desired watermarks into the watermark folder. Now open the watermark preview window and your new watermarks will appear as an option.

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