Action Save

(TIFF compression new in Phatch 0.2)


The options of the Save action define where the file will be saved. As an example I will give the file "path/to/source/image.jpg" between brackets.


The filename without the folder name and file type (image). Always use variables here or all your images will have the same filename, which means that you end up with only one image.

<filename>: keep original name
frame<##>: frame01, frame02, …
frame<###>: frame001, frame002, …


The file type (jpg). For an overview of all supported file types, see the features page.


The name of the folder (path/to/source). The best is to use variables here. If you give a fixed folder the hierarchy will be lost.



The resolution in dpi will be saved to the file. If you don't know what it means leave it at it defaults value (<dpi>).

PNG Optimize

If enabled, instructs the PNG writer to make the output file as small as possible. This includes extra processing in order to find optimal encoder settings.

JPEG Quality

The image quality, on a scale from 1 (worst) to 95 (best). The default is 75. Values above 95 should be avoided; 100 completely disables the JPEG quantization stage.

JPEG Size Maximum

If this has a value different from zero, Phatch will do different tests to save the image with the best quality near the given size. The quality setting will never be higher as the 'JPG Quality' option above. This will make the saving process multiple times slower, so use with care.

JPEG Size Tolerance

The tolerance around the maximum value. When set to zero Phatch will match the size of the image as good as possible to the given 'JPG Size Maximum'. Note this will never be exact.

TIFF Compression

Possible tiff compressions are g3, g4, lzw, jpeg, packbits or zip.


<dpi> , <filename> and <folder> are variables. If this is too confusing, just leave the parameters of the Save action to its default values. After executing Phatch, you will find a new folder of which the name ends with "_phatch" and which contains all your manipulated images.

Obligatory at the end

The last action should always be a Save action, unless the list only consists of 'file' actions such as copy or rename. It would make no sense to manipulate images and not to save the result. You are free however to add more Save actions earlier in the list. Append a Save action by pressing the "+" button.

Note: If you would have forgotten the Save action, Phatch will remind you and be so kind to append one for you in the end:

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